YMCA of Canberra

Mission Statement

The YMCA of Canberra works from a base of Christian values to provide opportunities for all people to grow in mind, body and spirit


We value intergritY, Mutual respect, Creativitiy and teAmwork

What we offer:

  • Under 5’s programs
  • Childcare
  • Outdoor Recreation
  • Sport and Fitness
  • Volunteering
  • Op Shops
  • Youth Activities


Teatox Australia

Teatox Australia
Teatox Australia is the hot new cleanse on the market today. Teatox Australia is not only affordable, it is incredibly easy to use! On the Teatox Australia website, people can get 14 days worth as a trial for a simple 25 dollars.
Instructions are simple for Teatox Australia at https://www.revivemetea.com/: drink the tea made from the tea bags two times a day. Not much else can be as easy and simple as that. Teatox Australia ships to all countries and ships for free, and the orders come in about 2 weeks across the world. Teatox Australia contains no gluten nor caffeine, and is completely safe to drink. The ingredients in Teatox Australia are very simple and very healthy; they are radish seed, oolong tea, hawthorn, lotus leaf and cassia seed.  https://www.revivemetea.com/pages/faq-1
Most people would naturally be skeptical of Teatox Australia, but it is very much worth the investment. There are many reviews online of Teatox Australia for one to read. They very easily show the effects that Teatox Australia can have which are weight loss and a more healthy digestive system. One review in particular describes of the woman gaining a great amount of energy from taking Teatox Australia.  https://www.revivemetea.com/collections/tea-blends
The main ingredient which gives Teatox Australia its distinct flavor is it’s use of oolong tea. Oolong tea is green tea that has been left to sit in the sun to get slightly fermented. People love the taste of this tea better than green teas, and it is much healthier for people than black teas. Combining this tea with the other great ingredients in Teatox Australia creates an amazing product for cleansing the body.

Reasons You Should Try Teatox

Reasons You Should Try Teatox

Teatoxing is growing in popularity. If you are thinking about trying a Teatox, then you should definitely do so. Below is a list of reasons you should try a Teatox:

Lose Weight Faster

Everybody loses weight at a different pace. However, most people will be able to lose weight faster if they use a Teatox. Your metabolism will be faster if you use a tea detox. This means that your body will burn calories at a much faster rate. You will also burn more calories while you are at rest. Furthermore, a Teatox can help curb your appetite.

Lower Cholesterol Level

A Teatox can also help lower your cholesterol level. Keep in mind that high cholesterol is one of the risk factors for heart disease. Therefore, a tea detox can help protect your heart.

Remove Built-Up Toxins

A Teatox can remove the toxins that you have built up in your body. This can help increase your energy and improve your sleep. Additionally, removing toxins can help clear up your skin and reduce bloating.

Reduce Your Body Fat

You may lose water weight if you use a Revive me tea detox. However, you can also reduce your body fat by doing a tea detox. Excessive body fat can lead to health problems.